Honoring the memory of John Stites and his passion for jazz music

Honoring the memory of John Stites and his passion for jazz music

Cycle 1 Applications Closed - Cycle 2 Opens July 15

John Stites Jazz Awards (JSJA)

There are two categories of John Stites Jazz Awards – Artistic Development and Jazz Events. Awards range from $5,000 to $25,000 – no cash or in-kind match is required.

1st Award Cycle

2nd Award Cycle

Award winners must include the JSJA logo on their website or social media site(s) and/or acknowledge JSJA’s financial support in newsletters and/or press releases, marketing materials, programs, and media interviews. Assistance with media promotions and logo displays will be made available to the Award winners.

Who can apply

For-profit organizations (including concert promoters, event planning and management companies, recording studios) are ineligible.

Organizations whose primary mission does not focus on jazz music may apply for an award if the funds requested will be used for a single event/project or series of events/projects that focus exclusively on jazz music.

You may apply for either an Artistic Development Award or a Jazz Event Award or both, but please remember that 60% of the points are awarded for the quality of the project and award winning projects typically focus on a new or innovative approach to jazz rather than just a way to get paid for performing.

JSJA Artistic Development Awards

Allowable Expenses

Ineligible Expenses

JSJA Jazz Event Awards

Allowable Expenses

Ineligible Expenses

Funding information (2022)

How to apply

Apply online through a third-party application process by selecting the Artistic Development Award link or the Jazz Events Award link below. The third-party application process is conducted through SmarterSelect to ensure confidentiality and impartiality in the process. You will receive an email and/or text acknowledgement from SmarterSelect that your application has been received.

1st Award Cycle applications will be available February 15 and 2nd Award Cycle applications will be available July 15.

Thank you to everyone who submitted!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions regarding the application process, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page, or submit your question using the contact form.


Apply for a JSJA Artistic Development Award

Apply for a JSJA Jazz Event Award


John loved music with all his heart and was the ideal recording engineer – a profession into which he poured all his considerable talents and artistry.

Dan Gustin

The John Stites Jazz Awards (JSJA) are funded by the John Stites Jazz Artist Organization, honoring the memory of John Stites and his passion for jazz music.

The organization funds:

  • Advanced studies for emerging and established professional jazz musicians
  • Concerts, competitions and projects that expand jazz audiences and the appreciation of jazz in or near communities in the Midwest